Internet hacking:the curiosity bond with internet development

Facing the fascinating attraction of the digital world, people would easily sink into depth in terms of using it as a tool to improve freedom of expression or satisfy personal interest. Edward Snowden, Julian Assange, Chelsea Manning who intend to cause malicious meddling, have also contributed to the controversial internet function, which leads us to think whether we solely have been benefited by internet improvement.

Even though nowadays we are threatened by the online and cellphone hacking, at the beginning of the occurrence of hacker, digging into the system is only driven by the human nature, curiosity. There is one thing needed to declare that “hacking” is not a production of modern internet environment. In The New Yorker’s article A Short History of “Hack”the first time that “hack” came to mean the fussing with machines was in April, 1955 at M.I.T. Perhaps, back to that time, hackers would never imagine their current ability and influence regarding with the improvement of internet.

When we flip the history of internet, the motivation of freedom of information, cooperation and exploration has been conducted along with the progression of the development of internet. Today, as one of the extraordinary human adventure, the creation of internet has not just provided us the convenience and flexibility, but also a entire virtual world that parallels the reality. Like it or hate it, it is you to make the choice.


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  1. This blog is interesting because it is different. It is one of the only blogs to talk about the issue of hacking and its effects. You provided an interesting example of what the word ‘hack’ actually meant then and now and it opens up your eyes into how much the world has changed. It is a good blog post. 🙂


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