Google it

Google it.” – Honestly, how many times have you heard that?

On September 4th 1998 Google was created and our ability to research using books was lost; 29 years after the launch of the internet. It started out as a small website allowing the general public to search their interests; fulfil their curiosities and provide them with information on just about anything.

Over the last 18 years Google has evolved greatly because of the internet. Google has added numerous features to their website, this includes: Google maps; Google images; Google News; and many other Google add-ons that somehow make our lives that little bit easier.

Without Google, people in this day and age wouldn’t know what to do if we did not have the internet there to comfort us by answering any questions we desire the answers to. If it wasn’t for the invention of the internet in the 1960’s we would not have the luxury of asking Google what the weather will be like tomorrow or ask Google Maps where the local chip shop is after a heavy night out…

What astonishes me about Google is how much it’s relied on, on a daily basis. It surprises me how people before the 1960’s survived without the internet. Especially Google.





  1. I like the point you made about Google- the answer to all our questions. However even without the creation of Google other websites would be created to fulfill its job, that’s the power of the Internet really. I think you could’ve added other examples of websites such as internet explorer, Mozilla Firefox or even Bing. Compare and contrast them maybe 😋


  2. I strongly agree with the points you have made in your post, I think we have taken for granted books and library in general because Google is easily accessible as its at our fingers tips whether its on our phones, laptops or on tablets. Personally the reason why I think we rely on Google too much is because our generation has been introduced to it at a very young age and we have slowly accepted the digital book called Google.


  3. I am also absolutely surprised by how much we rely on Google and how we use it on a daily basis. We live in a world where books are no longer required as we can find anything on the World Wide Web, using Google as our main search engine. I am surprised how we’ve come from the Turing machine (created by Alan Turing) which was a hardware, dealing with computer processes and formulas, developed in the 1938’s. Google uses the same method to turn our questions into answers. It is fascinating how technology has come so far that we are able to search for a key term and Google will know exactly what we mean just by relying on the algorithms reading unique signals and looking for the same terms on various websites so we get what we were looking for. This is how google search works, but it is such an interesting and complex engine, that the mechanics of it could be studied in more depth for a very long time and it would still be full of surprises.


  4. Apart from the numerous websites which have evolved from the brand Google, it is the various products and technological innovations it is involved in, which makes Google’s history also astonishing. This ranges from the Self-Driving Car Project to the Google Glass, which now – including – operate under the parent company ‘Alphabet’, the world’s most-valuable company – overtaking Apple.


  5. I completely agree that people tend to rely solely on Google to provide the answer to most of their questions, mainly because Google is capable of this and quickly and simply too. However, I think if it was not Google, then it would be something else. The creation of the internet meant the ability to share data and so I think the idea behind Google would have inevitably made its way into our world. I don’t think we would be lost if Google were to never have been created, though, it is just a way to make our lives easier.


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