The history of the internet


The Internet can be defined as ‘the global system of interconnected computer networks that use the Internet protocol suite (TCP/IP) to link billions of devices worldwide’. The study of the history of the internet provides many fascinating facts such as its progression from 1969 till present day. From research the most fascinating fact I discovered about the history of the internet was the formation of social media which was a good method of communication and meant easier ways for individuals to contact one another, like seriously what would you do without these sites! Some few examples  consist of Facebook, twitter, LinkedIn, Instagram, MySpace and Hotmail which allows employers to easily get in touch with job seekers without need for sending letters, it is also a quicker way to promote sales for online shoppers. Facebook was one of many social media sites first created in 2004 however originally for college students and was known as ‘The Facebook’. Later YouTube was created in 2005 which in some ways allowed the freedom of speech as it instigated the rise of bloggers. 2006 was the year twitter was formed and allowed individuals to share news with one another, it also allowed the use of hashtags and re-tweets (which i personally enjoy).

Around the world approximately 2.55 billion people by 2017 will be involved in social media sites, which demonstrates the power of social media and its massive impact in today’s generation of both youth and adults. As well as for social media purposes the internet is also a faster and prompt way to find out news stories in comparison to using television and newspapers. Without social media business connection or even socialising will become difficult. What do you think?

By Whitney Ajudua


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