From research to entertainment – Development of the Internet.

I find it fascinating how technology has come so far that we are now able to access the ‘internet’ from multiple devices from our bedroom, even on our journey to work, without any cable connection. The creation of the Internet was partly due to military funded research, however Greenstein (2015) argued that the military only developed certain technologies which helped in the creation of the internet. We can thank Paul Baran for designing a brand new different network that was robust to damage from war. Also, Alan Turing had a massive impact to the network we use to this day as he developed the Turing machine in 1938 which simulated any algorithm, meaning computers were able to communicate with each other in any form and combination. This is how computer language was developed and still used to this day.

In just under 60 years, we’ve come from the ARPANET (Advanced Research Projects Agency Network) the first computer network only accessible by four American Universities for research purposes, to a more complex computer network, gradually becoming available worldwide. The government has then made it accessible for the public for “free” to use and nowadays we use it as a source of entertainment, business, advertising and a lot more.
If the military and many mathematicians such as Turing did not contribute to the research of the internet, we would not have this complex computer system we have today that are all connected to each other, now also using a wireless connection. A fun fact: The term ‘internet’ comes from inter-networking which comes from the interconnected network of all the Web servers around the world, often called the World Wide Web.

Shane, G., (2015) How the Internet Became Commercial:
Innovation, Privatisation, and the Birth of a New Network, Princeton: New Jersey. 



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