Globalization and the Internet

One word, Globalization. How broad is that topic?! In a sense globalization has a domino effect on future events. The internet is a big factor in today’s globalization process. The industrial development in the Western Countries is one of the main causes of the internet’s success. In turn, Western countries develop societies within the Internet. Cheers to the birth of Social Media! The use of social media in a way is shaped into almost everyone’s lives and gives “the people” a voice towards world issues. Social Media and the internet is a great tool of everyday life. Because the Western countries are really the ones that are privileged enough to have the internet and social media, they become more involved in world issues. They are the ones who control most of the information that is accessible to the public. Media platforms like CNN, Buzzfeed, Huffpost, New York Times all pick and choose what they are going to write about. As the internet increases the power of western countries, it also decreases the power of rural countries.

This brings me to my take on the internet’s future. At the beginning of the internet not that many people had access to the internet throughout the 20th century, even in the western countries. But now in the 21st century almost the whole world relies on the internet. Hopefully the effects of globalization will make it so almost the whole world has access to the internet. This in turn, will produce an even bigger community and opportunities. But who knows?! I guess we will just have to wait and see…


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