History? Internet? Bah!

I found this topic particularly horrible because I am not in favour of the history of the internet. This lead to difficulty finding something interesting to talk about. But I will give it a shot.

Of the few sectors I enjoyed learning, the evolution of the internet and its components sounded inviting.

We start in 1969 with the Arpanet- a complex system of boxes and lines which resemble that of a murder investigation board.

Going further down the timeline, I notice that software becomes simpler, although the ‘behind the scenes’ would probably still need the genius minds of scientists and technology whizzes.

I am fascinated with people’s needs to simplify what they already have. The Apple IPhone was introduced in 2007. It has to be better every time. Bigger, slimmer, faster….everything to ease the stress out of what already seems like a technology easy life.

I believe the evolution of the internet has made us impatient. The average person will wait a maximum of four seconds for a webpage to load before scowling and complaining about the slow pace of their browser.

Whatever you may love (or loathe) about the internet there will never be a time when the internet stands still. The internet is always evolving and will continue to make history.



  1. Well written post, however do you not agree that looking into the history of the internet is equally important as we are apart of this progressive history? The reference to iPhones, even apple in general is a great example to use as it shows just how progressive technology has become and in some respects central to our lives.


  2. Great Point about the Internet making individuals impatient, I personally have this problem (even threw my phone at the wall a couple of times). I also agree with your point on how the Internet is always evolving and will continue to make history


  3. I strongly agree with your point that the Internet is making us impatient – but not just online. I blame the Internet for things like fast food, speed dating and general impatience such as when waiting in a queue. Did you know one in five Americans have admitted being rude to someone for serving them “too slow”? Or that 46% of Americans skip going to the cinema and simply watch pirated copies of movies online? (WebProNews, 2012). Think about the consequences this has on the film industry. But it’s not just the film industry; every industry out there is facing these consequences. Well any industry that isn’t related to doing something quickly. This impatience that affects industries and our behaviours comes from the celebrated Internet. And the worst thing about it is that we don’t even pause to think about it because we are just too impatient to actually pause.

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  4. Great post Melina! I strongly agree with your point about how the Internet (and technology) is constantly evolving and your example of the evolution of the iPhone backs this up well. I also agree that the evolution of the Internet has made us impatient as well, and you could take this further by even suggesting that we have come to rely on it more than we should do! 🙂

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