The Internet then and now

The internet has gone through many stages according to Curran (2012) I have decided to look at the four main stages which we can relate to today;

Then giphy

1970’s; The internet was used by scientists to share resources and communicate through email.

1980; Discussion groups formed virtual communities through the internet.

Late 1980’s; The internet became accessible for commercial use by the public as a research tool.

Mid 1990’s; The internet became a commercialised cyberspace for companies to directly sell to the public.


People share resources and communicate through limitless internet based applications and websites today to share resources, scientists shared important data while we share resources such as Youtube links.

I think it would be appropriate to look at social network sites as the virtual communities of today rather then being discussion groups.

The useful tool of the past is the entertainment of today, so the internet that was used to research useful information by the public is now used to search literally anything.

The part of the internet which has not changed much, in my opinion, would be the commercialisation of the internet, nowadays we tend to shop for everything online, so If anything has changed it would be that the internet is being commercialised even more by selling services (such as Netflix and iTunes and many more) rather than actual physical tangible goods (like a DVD or a Vinyl record).



  1. I like how your post shows a timeline of how much the internet has evolved from when it first started out. It amazes me how you mentioned that the useful tool of the past is the entertainment of today because we rely on the internet so much and I doubt the majority of us could go a day without using it. It’s interesting to think about how the internet was created for scientists to share resources and now everyone around the world is connected because of it. Really good post!


  2. I love how you succeeded in summarising the most important things we need to know about the history of the Internet in a couple of sentences.
    The Internet has grown so much that it derived from its initial purpose. As you mentioned, these days you can search for anything… But don’t you think this can also be dangerous?
    I remember seeing my cousin watching YouTube once and guess what he was watching… A tutorial about how to unlock a door with a bobby pin. If anyone can have access to these types of informations, for how long is the world still a better place?

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  3. I like how your post covers the most relevant stages of Curran’s research to the internet today, as it gives your post focus and makes it an easier read.

    It’s interesting how the use of the internet has changed from solely scientific purposes to cat videos and virtual communities. But the constant use to share information has remained, yet the quantity available is constantly rising.

    The digital revolution is not only diminishing physical goods but also the way we communicate, socialise and learn.

    I also like the GIF’s you’ve used to show the progression of the internet, as it’s more interesting than a bog-standard picture.

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