Cold War, hippies and the internet.

As a huge history fan myself i’ve never actually thought of looking at the internet as a piece of history – even though its one technologies greatest achievements. Shocking to me is that the internet was invented to serve as a military purpose during The Cold War. The Americans especially saw the potential this device could have in a military sense but scientists also knew if doable, they would be creating something truly groundbreaking which led to interests of the military and scientists overlapping in order to create the internet.

Although the internet not booming until the 90’s and early 2000, the internet was still around, with my uncle explaining “you had to wide it up, to get it going”. I think this statement just shows how much it has progressed over a decade or so. During the 90’s different currents within the counterculture which started taking place included an almost hippy subculture and a radical subculture of technology, seen with Steve Jobs being the “Billion dollar hippy”. Scientists came together with these hippies and worked out that they could free the internet from its original purpose and make it work for humanity. The internet now has been seen as a service to humanity offering knowledge, connection and understanding like never before. Timothy Leary – “The internet is the new LSD”

The internet was originally developed for security purposes but in 1991 the ban of public use was lifted and search engines such as Google took the internet to a whole new level. Having read about the history which is boring to some, it really does make you realise how great the internet and technologies alike really are.




  1. Smooth, precise, well written. Amazing quote! It sums up perfectly what the internet has gradually become. Really enjoyed the different historical point of view and the hippies’ reference. I agree on the fact that for our generation is not so obvious to think about internet as a fundamental step in history, being ourselves active part of this process and the changes that it invebitably brought.


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