History of the Internet

Internet’s journey could be dated back to the year 1962, which was 54 years ago.

The internet has been an ongoing culture in our day to day society, without the internet, our culture would not be the same. Just imagine… we wouldn’t be able to talk or connect with each other from all over the world; our life would be so different without it. The birth of the internet transformed a whole century, generation and lifestyle of every person around the globe.

Till today the internet is still an ongoing journey and has amazed many people with its ways of making life easier and more interesting. The changes in technology have transformed the use of the internet as before only a few people were able to access to it, however, today almost everyone carries it in their pockets. It is a powerful tool, creating a hegemonic relationship between technologic gadgets such as the iPhone and the user.

Since the birth of the internet, people have always had the benefit of gaining information about anything; Firefox, Google Chrome and Safari are the most popular search engines and are used to do research.

Finally, the internet is the world’s largest marketplace and shopping centre. Web sites such as eBay, or ASOS use the internet to sell their products, and this has supported economic growth since it was introduced to the world.

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  1. It is very true that the internet has impacted our culture. to the point where we depend on it to complete academic work and discover new and interesting things about the world around us. Although the internet has been around in one for or another, its still not fully understood or complete as our form of the internet is only in its second phase.

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