History of the Internet – Data Storage

What I found to be interesting and actually surprising is how we stored data, this started off in the form of floppy disks which was used until the introduction of more sophisticated technology, which led us to USB flash drives. Due to the high demand of the use of internet more technology was introduced over the years which led to the birth of cloud storage which is a modern way of storing your data and is easy to access or change as you can access it through mobile phones. The evolution of data storage is easily explained through this image below.cloud_evolution

With the evolution of the internet also came the evolution of Data Storage which I personal think we take for granted since there is two different forms of Data Storage, our hand picked data which we store and the information such as our viewing habits which is recorded without our permission. Overall Data Storage is one of the many things which we do in our daily lives but we don’t really think about it too much we just use it as second nature and forget that some information we might not want to be saved is stored without our permission.




  1. I enjoyed reading your blog post since it was quite unique among all the other posts which were mainly around the internet and social media. The thing which stood out in my mind while reading this is the full circle we’ve completed, as mentioned in Curran et.al’s text ‘Misunderstanding the internet’ that the internet was initially launched as a storage space where scientist could share their research data and information, only to develop into the internet we know today of social medias, video games, online shopping and so many more aspects of the internet we know today. However isn’t it ironic how we are partially going back to the main use of the internet, which is to actually store data, yes it is somewhat different and doesn’t involve so many cables and huge computers, but now we’ve got the clouds to store and share our data information. (Just like the scientists in the 1970’s)

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  2. The level of progression data storage has gone through in just the bast 20 years is incredible. I remember using floppy disk to store a 16 MB file back when I was younger and its mind-blowing now to see just how big storage has gotten in that short space of time. It will interesting to see what the next wave of storage will be after online storage.

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