History of the Internet

It’s interesting how the concept of the internet was just an idea, but gradually scientists began to explore various to expand the computer’s role. Gilder (1994) argues that “the global medium of the internet would shrink the universe, promote dialogue between nations and foster global understanding.” I find this particular concept to be relevant in the world of social networking. Social networking platforms like Facebook, Twitter and Instagram have over 100 million active users making it simple to stay connected in people’s lives and changed the way we interact with each other.However it was the internet itself that was the main focal point of social interactivity.

One could argue that the development of technology has made us constantly seek the new next best thing, for example a faster connection. I find it interesting how every year approximately 200 million people sign up each year and it has been reported that by 2016 we are expected to be north of two billion social media users. I think through these statistics alone it proves how much the social media is developing. However with this is in mind, is it worth exploring the harmful effects social media has on our society. With all these new and exciting features the majority view, how many people are aware of certain rules and regulations?


Stella Akinwumi



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  1. Great use of references stella and also identification of how social networks can become harmful, especially when looking at human relationships being damaged by using the web as a way of communicating. The TV programme Catfish can be seen as a prime example of this.


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