how the mighty can fall. History of the internet

Social media is the most important tool we use everyday. However what happens when it decides to close down or goes out of fashion. Sites such as bebo and myspace have fallen out of fashion. Why is this. Well this is partly due to the trend and style each generation goes for. To us bebo and myspace seem old school. However without these sites the world of social media would be very different. In mid 2000s bebo became the most popular site in the country with almost 11 million users. However this was shadowed by the much bigger facebook with almost 57 million users. Due to this many social media sites struggled to keep hold of their users. As a result many sites such as bebo, myspace and msn closed towards the end of the 2010s. This is due to either not having a successful marketing or just lack of interest by their users. Because of this Facebook has become the biggest social media site when back in 2012 it had 1 billion montly users. With no sign of stopping. Bebo could learn a thing or two from its young rival.



  1. I like the comparisons made between old social networking platforms to the platforms we use today, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram etc… Your right about how sites such as bebo were only popular for a short period due to the lack of advertising of the website. Good post!

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  2. I agree with your point about Bebo learning a thing or two from Facebook, especially in terms of advertising and staying popular and relevant. I think it would have been interesting if sites like Bebo and Myspace had done enough to stay relevant, because it may have had an effect on how Facebook is run as well. However, they didn’t and we will never know, but it’s an interesting thought. Great post! 🙂


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