International Journal of Communication – ‘Black Lives Matter’

The Journal I would like to share with you is titled ‘International Journal of Communication’ published by the USC Annenberg School of Communication and Journalism, a peer-reviewed collection of articles covering themes that align with the module’s topic digital media in the context of the Network Society.

One article in particular drew my attention as it involves several topics which are to be presented in the coming lectures. Which are as followed: ‘The Networked Self and Ideas of Community (Week 5) ; ‘Regulation and Social Media’ (Week 8) ; ‘Internet Memes and Remix Cultures’ and ‘Campaigning, Social Movements and Activism’ (Week 10) respectively.


The article follows the incidents of the movement ‘Black Lives Matter’, focussing on a case study of 22 teenagers as to their participation and political engagement online on Snapchat, Facebook and Twitter as well as their active decision making on the streets in the context as to how social movements develop. 

Astonishing – a collective translating their digital participation into physical impact, feeling empowered and politically engaged. A movement which unfolded at such high pace due to the ever faster technological innovation, leaving the individual and one’s voice reinforced – a true Network Society. It is arguably a convergence of digital movement and actual movement, do you agree?



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  1. I really like the fact that you were able to find one article which involves three of the upcoming topics in the module, furthermore it also involves other interesting topics like the online counterpublics. Interestingly in this week’s seminar we’ve discussed how old and new media are converging, and we thought that many of these convergence outcomes were making people lazy and passive. However it is great to see that this convergence in media is leading to actual movement which I do agree with, as we have also seen it in the past during 2010 during the Arab Spring, when huge political movement took place by the public through the new media, Twitter and Facebook.

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