Web of entertainment: The music industry


‘Web of Entertainment’ is one of the chapters in Web Theory: An Introduction (David Marshall and Robert Burnett( 2003) As a music fan I found this topic particularly fascinating as it portrays how networking has made the entertainment industry what it is today.

“From the point of view from the music lover, what’s going on can only be viewed as exciting new development in the history of music,” a statement made by funk and rock star Prince (2000). The resources made available to us via the internet has meant that we can listen to music in a variety of ways, for example the development of internet radio and streaming services like Spotify.

I find these reports to be relevant to our module because it reinforces the significance networking has in the majority of industries ranging from advertising, fashion and telecommunications.

(McChesney,1999) “Todays media environment is categorised by globalisation, conglomeration, concentration and hypercommercialism.” I understand this to mean that digital media has transformed in its complexity in contrast to how it used to be. For media companies this proves to be highly beneficial as they can promote their business models on the internet.The technological development of music has meant that the music industry are fully reliant on new “digital technologies.” I find it interesting how this has been made beneficial to us as consumers. For example downloads are now made cheaper through outlets such as Amazon and iTunes, making it easier for consumers to purchase their specific selection.




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