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The network society encompasses so many different aspects of modern day life. I thought it would be interesting to try and find an online resource that represents this vast concept, giving us a very broad insight into how our lives now revolve around technology. The Network Society Blog was a site set up by the company Ericsson who deal with software and infrastructure services and conduct research about the network society. Their website comprises of many different and interesting sections including the ‘Innovation’ page and ‘Network Society‘ page which can provide you with information about what the concept of the ‘network society’ is.

The blog itself covers everything from the affects of the network society on people, the economy and the environment. I found many interesting blog posts about apps, smart phones, virtual shopping, data sharing, sustainability and self driving cars. The blog looks at both the positive and negative impacts of the network society using examples from around the world, meaning we as an audience are provided with a full understanding. I thought this post was particularly interesting as it is so relatable for our generation:

The ideas and examples discussed in these blog posts could be starting points for the weekly presentations or blog posts.




  1. Well done for finding this really interesting blog and website! Unlike many other online resources people have posted, yours looks into the future as we enter the “age of empowerment” (according to the site). By focusing on community (which is perfect for week 5 ‘The Networked Self and Ideas of Community’) it looks into how we are effected by all the aspects you have listed in your post. The regularly updated blog is particularly useful as it delves into relevant examples and issues that link to the network society today.
    The article you link to is very thought provoking as we become more reliant on the internet with each new generation.

    The main site also features a link to their you tube channel which includes many videos on network society ( and many case studies, which will be very useful to reference in essays (

    Overall, well done for finding this unique site!


  2. I believe this is a very good resource that can be helpful in this module as it explains how we rely on technology every day, how it developed, what uses does it have, how we use it as a consumer/user and a lot more. It’s interesting how the blog covers how the economy and environment becomes affected by the Internet and the uses modern technology, including hardware that will be even more advanced than it already is. The site has engaging titles and topics which makes the posts easy to read, yet they are kept to a professional level. Thank you for this useful link!


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