You will find this USEFUL!

Have you ever struggled with the theoretical content of the lecture?  Do you feel sometimes lack of applied knowledge to explain the social phenomenon related to the topic that we are covering? If you answers for both question are yes, then why don’t you click here to see what you can discover.

GSDRC (Government and Social Development Sources Centre) provides applied knowledge services which includes humanitarian as well as governance, social development and conflict issues. While you browse their website, you can find massive extended debate and supportive investigation regarding with the issues of network society and media. For example, the article “Communication, Power and Counter-power in the Network Society” has comprehensively summarized  how has the relationship between power, the media and politics changed in the context of globalization, the crisis of political legitimacy and the emergence of new media technologies.

The reason of why I choose it as the useful resource of our module is the high quality and reliability of its provided information. In addition, it offers rapid-response research service. However, I don’t think these two advantages mentioned above would be attractive enough for you to actually refer. Therefore one of its important features cannot be ignored that within its brief summary you can more or less gather the main arguments attached with the reference.

Don’t hesitate to check! Your essay is going to need it!


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