Internet Society



While trawling the internet for useful online resources for this module, I came across the “Internet Society”. Formed in 1992 by Vint Cerf and Bob Kahn, two of the “Fathers of the Internet”, the foundation describes itself as “trusted as the world’s independent source of leadership for Internet policy, technology standards, and future development”.

Their mission is to promote “the open development, evolution, and use of the Internet for the benefit of all people throughout the world” – mirroring the guiding principles of the internet which enabled the growth of the era’s defining technology.

This site relates to many topics in this module such as:

Topic Useful aspects from site
The Internet Then and Now (Week 1) Interactive timeline with the internet and companies history. LINK
A whole section of the site is dedicated to describing the internet, how it works, who makes it work and how it is evolving. LINK
Understanding Technology (Week 2) The foundation describes why the internet matters to all of us. LINK
Part of the site features blog posts on the why technology matters- which they showcase different opinions and information. LINK
How the internet works. LINK
The Networked Self and Ideas of Community (Week 5) Internet Society is a community in itself. Toucan get involved with the foundation- become a member, attend an event or just spread the word over social media. LINK
Privacy and Surveillance (Week 6) The foundation supplies tools and policies that empower people to manage their online identities and the ‘digital footprint’ they leave behind. LINK
Online identity tutorials showing the viewer how to manage they online identity and privacy. LINK
Regulation and Social Media (Week 7) Regulation is one of the issues the foundation focuses on. They work to ensure the internet is a permissionless innovation, has open access to everyone, and a collaborative place. LINK
Other useful information- Global Internet Report-

It focuses on the mobile internet and its trends, growth, benefits and  challenges it possesses. It also features statistics, data and recommendations for the evolution and development of the mobile internet. LINK

The foundation has commissioned many publications ranging from Network Neutrality to a weekly report on EU Issues. LINK
Internet Measurement Project.

Full of data and research “to determine the impact of technical, policy, and development efforts on the Internet, and the broader impact of the Internet on the economy”. LINK

You Tube channel featuring videos about digital footprints (in multiple languages) and “Building the Internet in Guerrero” LINK

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