Learning the rise of the reader

In the digital era, networked society refers to the spread of both information and communication, in a globally networked stage. The meaning of the networked society in the contemporary world has changed and is still changing the face of the news industry, and the entire communication between the audience and the publisher.


What started with the shift of news to the online platform, created the opportunity for two-sided communication; the ability to comment, debate- to influence the global dialogue. A fascinating source which is presenting it amazingly is the section on The Guardian website, named “Open Door”.  The section includes the readers’ editor comments on the public suggestions, concerns and complaints of the website’s publications. We may learn from Open Door about the meaning of the discussion throughout the media and the challenge follows the recognition of the public as a whole new force. I believe that even if the section doesn’t offer a particular information or knowledge, it can indeed educate us with fascinating angles relating to either journalism and communication and general.


A journal written by Katherine Murphy is supporting the idea that Open Door represent while talking about “the rise of the reader”. I believe that while learning the media, the understanding of the audience’s changes and the new challenges in front of us- is certainly crucial.



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