Live Internet Statistics

Whilst looking for an interesting online source to include in this weeks blog post; I thought back to previous websites that I’ve actually used myself to ensure it was a worthwhile source to share, this included: ‘Internet Live Stats‘.

This is an intriguing website to share with you all because it shows us the live statistics of internet users, to how many Skype calls are made and even how many smartphones have been sold today.

When I first accessed this website one afternoon I was stunned to see that the amount of active Facebook users was 1,587,990,159; by the time that I finish writing this blog post it’s likely to be at an estimated 3,000,000,000 users.

The number of internet users is continuously growing and it won’t stop. This website is the ideal platform to share information with us as it provides facts and statistics of what we need to know and when we need to know it.

The major reason I wanted to share this online source is because I feel like this blog post relates back to last weeks post and how many people rely on the internet today. It’s a live representation of how people can’t go a day without the internet and how much of our lives we want to share on the internet. This website should also be a useful tool with our studies in the coming weeks for this module, especially when we are to learn about ‘The Networked Self and Ideas of Community’ and I trust these statistics will reflect our frantic usage!



  1. Thank you for sharing this!
    I am stunned to see that right now out of approximately 3,300,000,000 internet users 1,500,000,000 are active on Facebook. The Social Network accounts close to 50% of all internet activity, which demonstrates the increasing importance and usage of social media.
    With such an extraordinary user base, power & responsibility comes simultaneously.
    Even though Facebook claims to oblige themselves to net neutrality, it is certainly able to shift (nudge) users opinions towards a certain direction. What you are more likely to see on your newsfeed is dependant on algorithms, which consequently have an influence on this ‘net neutrality’. This leads me to our lecturer today Mercedes Bunz.
    She did a really interesting talk on algorithms on Ted Talks, worth checking out!


  2. I do consider this online resource as a vivid and honestly (at least to me) striking reminder of what the world looks like today. Most importantly, what the world would look like for us as future media specialist, who will have to deal with these statistics in their everyday practice.

    There is a significant amount of numbers on that page . . . A worrying quantity in fact, but nonetheless one that reflects reality.

    Our reality. Everybody’s reality. And it is rushing, galloping through online space and time: the concerning sounds of contemporary society. It is logging, viewing, sharing, liking, ‘staring:’ all within the blink of a number.

    I consider all of the points made by my colleague to be fair and accurate. These statistics and the very existence of this online resource prove that, as already pretty obvious to everybody out here, people are ultimately and irreversibly dependent on their online accessibility (see ‘Live Internet Statistics’). A tendency, which is arguably the biggest achievement or the biggest failure.

    Also, these numerous numbers (which do not cease to increase with every letter I type) illustrate another characteristic of contemporary society.

    We are the Internet. We are but everything that goes on and through it. And we sure as well love to make things ‘go on’ it. For, let’s face it, this is what we have to do.

    I am done writing now but the numbers are just warming up. Dynamically and constantly, they go up: roaring the ‘networked’ sounds of our reality.


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