Online resources: embrace the change, make it practical.

I would recommend a fair knowledge of the Media’s organism to anyone. For those who study and work in the field, most significantly, a profound understanding of the Media becomes essential in order to be able to prevent the next twists that Technology will take.

The Blog of Brian Solis (Digital Analyst, Award winning Writer, Futurist, Anthropologist), “Defining the impact of technology, culture and business”, encloses in five categories the principal matters of media:

  • Ad-Tech
  • Business Marketing
  • Disruptive Technology
  • Experience
  • Future of work

Merging personal experience, useful links and articles about technology and the impact of media in our lives, Solis frames in a intuitive, bright blog the future of our generation, questioning about what will matter in the future.

The article “The Social Revolution is Our Industrial Revolution” was written in 2008, yet it’s still an enjoyable reading about the effects of Internet:

Broadcast and print media and the services that support the creation and distribution of information are not dead and Social Media is not going to get indicted for holding the smoking gun.

We’re at the dawn of new era in media production, participation, and literacy. You are making history.






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  1. Really enjoyed your post! I found this blog brilliant, which I believe that there’s a lack of intelligent and informative blogs throughout the media, and it is important for us as media students to spot those. The article as well is extremely relevant for today’s media, as we’re in a constant process of change, that appear to happen hand in hand with social changes in our reality. We may learn from Solis’ posts a lot about what called “media diet”, to encourage ourselves to learn the facts- so we may develop this crucial understanding.


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