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Even though this resource was published in 2004 it still contains information which I found interesting especially since the information is from a old source which give me a idea of how the Media, Politics and the Network Society. I have not fully read the whole book however I have had a little look into certain areas which I think would help me on this module course. The main topic which had me interested in this text was the first chapter which goes into some detail about what is a Network Society which really cleared some issues I had about the module for example I did not really think that the Network Society had stretched out so far but after reading the first chapter it gave me a clear idea of how far it stretches and how much we can be controlled by simple things we take for granted in our daily lives. Overall I think the text gives a little bit of an insight into what the module is about and how it was in 2004 which I think is a good piece of information we can use so that we can compare the influence there was and how much there is now.




  1. I found this really interesting to read- thank-you. It is a useful link to help make me understand Network Society. The chapter that you recommended was really good. Network Society and Media is such as broad subject, but this managed to summarise the main points well.


  2. This was a very helpful link- thank-you. I read the chapter that you recommended and I found it useful to understand what a network society was. Network Society and Media is a really broad topic but I think this first chapter helps summarise the main points in a clear way.

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