Harvard Referencing

As you know, for this module; Network Society and the Media, we have to submit a 1500 word essay. The essay should engage with the essential and maybe further readings of the module, meaning there should be a somewhat long list of references at the end of your essay.


So why am I bringing this up? (rhetorical question) the answer, is that we all know that creating a reference or bibliography list can be very time consuming (and boring), so what is the innovative creation that is going to make your life easier? (another rhetorical question), Cite This For Me is the answer ladies and gentlemen.

Cite This For Me helps you by doing most the work for you, sadly not all of it. All you have to do is select the referencing style you would like to use – Harvard in our case – select what you are referencing; e.g Book, chapter, article, website, etc. Insert the raw information which is required and press on the magical ‘Enter’ key, the website will then automatically format it as a reference and sort the list out in alphabetical order. The website also allows you to copy an individual reference as an in text citation, or as a bibliography citation or even copy the whole bibliography list and add it to your work.




  1. This website is useful, we both know that! Some students loathe writing the bibliography, I personally find it challenging that’s why I am referencing the academic resources myself. I already knew about this site, but I only used it for links just to be sure.. Also, as Ollie said, I would double check if it’s accurate and relevant.
    In my opinion the best way to use it is to check your referencing when in doubt. Never use it in an excessive way..
    Great job though.

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  2. I’m sure most people would agree that referencing is a real pain, but of course, necessary. This resource would certainly make it easier, however I would be cautious when using it. As the website works by ‘automatically generating’ citations and references, we would need to ensure that it is completely accurate, so that we don’t hand in shoddy work where it can be avoided. Although this website would certainly speed up the process, I personally will be sticking to the old method of doing it myself, to avoid any errors that websites like these may make. But again, useful if you struggle with referencing.

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  3. I wish I had known about this last semester! I would be interested to see if it is actually very accurate, though. Referencing can be very time consuming and also quite difficult, particularly knowing what part of the reference goes where. So this source could be very useful as a basis for a bibliography to help teach us the correct way to do it, so that in the future we could write one much faster and properly.

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