Media Convergence

For the past few weeks, we have been hearing about media convergence in our lectures. They were the subject of the lecture in the second week, there were presentations about them in this week’s seminar, and next week we all have to find examples of them for that week’s blog.

This week, I had to do a presentation on media convergence, and if I’m being honest, I did not really understand what it meant by economical and technological convergence in the media. Cultural convergence was easier to understand, but only after I researched it extensively and found images and essays about it online as examples.

Therefore, for this week’s blog on finding a useful online resource, I decided to find an article on technological and economical convergence. I read through it and I find it very useful- and I think other people who cannot quite get their heads around what it means by these terms will, as well.

It is made by a Canadian website, and therefore uses Canadian examples, but I still think it applies to UK audiences.

I hope you find this helpful when trying to find Examples of Convergences for next week blog.







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