News in Levels

I am a big fan of blogs, and I follow some, so I could suggest a few that would raise your interests, be it about science, arts, politics, history, learning a foreign language, or even mathematics, but as students here come from all over the world, and English is not everyone’s first language, I decided to inform you about a not so popular website called News in Levels.


News in Levels is a website that writes news for students. It has three levels and when you first visit it, they ask you to go through a mini-test so that they can decide which level is the one that suits your English knowledge, the one you should read. This website has been created to improve one’s reading and listening skills. The editors repeat the same words in one level and that way by listening or reading their news everyday for three or four months, you can understand all the words they have been using in that specific level. After that, you can go to another level and use the same method.


This website also has an extension called Grammar for Speaking which is an online video course that can help fix a student’s insecurities in English grammar. It also comes with a Jokes section where you can read jokes, bad or good, also in three different levels. Another extension is called Videos in Levels which this time comes with 6 levels. The videos are based on numerous interesting topics, like animals, cooking, documentaries, music, hobbies, history and many more.


I honestly had a hard time thinking of what online resource I could choose, that could be interesting as well as helpful for my fellow students. So please let me know what you’re thinking about this website.  



  1. Thanks for your brilliant recommendation! I am a international student, always struggling with the language while I am doing my assignments. Especially, sometimes I think I know the meaning of this word but I don know how to apply it in my writing properly. I think the provided practice can help me a lot with my weakness! However there is one thing I am wondering, how did you find those interesting blogs? Cause I have no clue how to expand my collection as I just joined the blog thing…

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  2. This is a great resource, especially for those that sometimes struggle with the language as it is not their first! Not only does the website help improve language and grammar, but it is also great fun. Most of the other resources that have been posted have been fairly academic, so it’s useful that you’ve linked one that helps people grasp a basic knowledge of language conventions, and that can be very useful in essays! Really good find! 🙂

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