Online Resources for Students in the UK

OK, we may be in university. But I think one of the main online resources which have benefitted many students in the UK has got to be BBC Bitesize.  On the website, there is educational information for students studying primary and secondary education all around the UK.

From my own personal experiences BBC Bitesize, was an online resource I used outside of class to learn more about the subjects I was studying during GCSE’s. I remember always going to the Media Studies column, to watch videos which helped me really understand the subject and even till today I sometimes refer back to some videos which talk about the history of TV and how to film a TV drama which links well with my university degree, Television Production.

The information provided is very informative by giving descriptions with images. The website is not just targeted to students but to teachers and parents too. It gives teachers guidelines of what they can do and how they can make the learning resources they receive from the website involved in class discussions. Also, parents can help their children with their schoolwork by reading through the information provided for each subject.

The website is part of the BBC, suggesting that the government are using new media, such as the internet, to support the education system. BBC’s ethos and values are to entertain, educate and inform, which is what we see on this web page.


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