Super fun Web Theory…

Judging by my title you can probably tell i love to read about Web Theory or i’m just being sarcastic, the latter option being more likely. However once i got stuck into Robert Burnett and P.David Marshall’s “Web Theory: an introduction” i found it very relevant to the module – network and society and gave me further knowledge on just how technology has changed, everything.

As stated by Negroponte (1995) “Schools will change to become museums and playgrounds for children to assemble ideas and socialise with other children all over the world”. This is somewhat true, no, schools haven’t became museums but children socialising with others all over the world is very real especially with social networks such as Facebook. It’s crazy to think that all this is possible due to technology such as the internet, fifty years ago or so, this simply couldn’t of happened.

With this reading we also see technology but in a different sense. Sky scrappers provided an image of both progress and the future, New York famously known for it’s towering buildings is a prime example of this with the Empire State Building and The Twin Towers. “The continuing race to have the tallest building is a testament to how technology expresses the future in its present forms” (Burnett, Marshalls). This can be seen with Dubai now booming with cash and showing the world just how powerful they have become with the rise of the world tallest building “Burj Khalifa”.

Finally Burnett and David Marshall introduce an idea that links back to the previous module and that is the idea of a public sphere (Habermas) and how “the internet provided the means to make a more active, engaged pubic that would allow a new era of truer and greater democracy”.



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  1. I like how you have included your own opinions as well as provide further analysis on the points made in this weeks reading. For example when talking about how children are socialising more on the internet with the variation of social media platforms available to them. Great post Josh!

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