TED Talks



For my online resource, I’ve decided to talk about TED which stands for Technology, Entertainment, Design. TED is a set of non-profit conferences all over the world, held by different speakers each time. Since its launch in 1984 the emphasis of its talks have shifted more towards entertainment. Past hosts include Bill Gates, Richard Dawkins, Bill Clinton, Al Gore, Bono and many more.

I chose this resource because while you can attend a TED talk, the site does also contain a back catalogue on talks concerning topics we’ve discussed and will discuss this year. There are so many different resources on the internet that could help us Media students but I think TED has an edge over the others as the content is in the form of a presentation given by high profile personalities.

The site also contains talks on a wide variety of topics such as depression, religion, sexism, privacy, AI, war and so many more. I think this site is an interesting database full of lots of interesting ideas and concepts.




  1. Thank you so much for sharing this, I think that TED talks is such an interesting website and has definitely become an international phenomenon! I watch videos on TED talks quite regularly and I have gained so much information that is relevant to us today. More and more people need to be aware of what TED talks has to offer, so glad you shared this!


  2. I absolutely love TED talks! They are so informative and useful for learning practically anything. They teach you how to stand up for your rights to drying your hands in 20 seconds and their technology section that you linked is very useful because it is interactive. You can watch rather than read which helps people who study better visually. This is a good source.


  3. Interestingly, I had never heard of TED talks before so thank you for introducing it to me. I had used other online external lecture sources whilst studying for my PR diploma but none of these were ‘open to everyone’, so to speak. I used to need a special invitation to be able to watch many of the lectures on these other sites. Therefore TED talks sound perfect – free, accessible information. I have had a quick scan through the content they provide, and it seems that there is a huge variety of lectures on this site. Thank you for making my life easier when finding good, online lectures as well as for bringing me out from under the rock I’ve clearly been living under. I am signing up now!


  4. TED Talks are a really good opportunity for us as students and the public to get an insight into lectures and academic talks which are based around different topics. We are given an insight into academics and professional’s viewpoints in which we can learn from and develop ideas. This is definitely a resource worth considering when thinking about our module and writing academic essays as it has such a broad range of topics, including media, internet, networking and a lot more issues. TED talks usually go into depth with their talks, usually an hour long in which we can fully learn from them which is a great opportunity for us in my opinion. Thank you for mentioning this source!


  5. TED talks are a great online resource. What’s really cool about the TED platform is that anybody can watch any video, but it also gives the opportunity for community members to organize their own talks. I’m involved in a student organization at home that organizes an annual TEDx talk featuring speakers from my university and community. We get to share the ideas and voices of our school with the rest of the world and simultaneously share the rest of the world with our school. I love that TED has SO many categories to learn about because it can open so many doors for so many people in just 10 minutes or so. Great resource!


  6. I believe TED is a great example of the opportunity today’s global media offers, where every individual count. Of course, some of the talks are lead by experts, however, a large range of talks is lead by individuals with ideas. TED helps to spread ideas, knowledge, and by that- it emphasizes features of borders that being blurred between expert and individuals, as well as publishers and conceivers. While learning the media, it is a relevant understanding which we should learn and discuss.


  7. I am very glad you’ve brought up TED talks. By now, it has become an international phenomenon, done in over a hundred different languages. I love TED talks, as it always seems that the right people were chosen; the most insightful and charming personalities, who are professional in their fields.
    The online database of all TED talks is actually extremely useful when writing academic papers as well: if you are researching a topic, it is very likely that you will find a video that is related to the topic. One of the most important ones for us, I believe, is the media section. You can find it here: https://www.ted.com/talks?topics%5B%5D=technology&topics%5B%5D=media&sort=newest.


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