You have to read this. Now.

It is very difficult to find an online article that doesn’t repeat itself on every site you click. Which is why, should you happen to stumble upon a transcription of a speech, READ IT. And if it includes the role of media in society? read it!

This is the most valuable way to ensure you get first hand, knowledgeable advice from industry professionals. Just like the transcription I have found of a speech given in Vietnam by foreign office minister Jeremy Browne  (I have linked it above).

This is an important article because he isn’t just talking about the importance of media in our society. He is talking about the importance of media in a developing country where expression is sacred. Freedom of expression is important in countries where equal rights are a new concept.

The first part of the speech is only his introduction which isn’t necessary but then he touches on important points I think are valid for this module.

He talks about the vast changes in technology, how much it has changed. He refers constantly to Vietnam but that is because he has used the country as an example so that shouldn’t be taken seriously when reading the article.

He also talks about everything we have learnt and are learning but in such a collected way without any waffling that you can finish the article and understand all you need. I would write it here but it is much easier to read the article to help yourself make your own opinion.



  1. I liked how you chose to use a unique resource such as a speech and not an article or a website which was the case for most the other blog posts,and as you’ve said a speech is a really good way of getting first hand knowledge about a subject. What makes it more interesting is that he looks at the importance of media in both first and third world countries, and he also gives a good amount of information about the changes in technology without getting distracted off the topic.


  2. I am really glad you chose to write about a speech as it brings a whole new aspect to this week’s blog posts. This speech is really well spoken; it lacks jargon and is immediately engaging with its choice of statistics.

    However what made this resource unique was that it was about a developing country. I have grown up in a mixture of developing countries (including both in Southeast Asia and the Middle East) and therefore reading about how influential the media can be in these is particularly interesting.

    The speech picks up that media is at the heart of society and at the centre of change. It discusses the role of the media in the Arab Springs, although without going on a tangent. The reference to old and new media as well as the importance of responsibility in the media are also things that we must bear in mind throughout the module.

    I love how much detail he gives without droning on; it’s such an easy read, despite being a speech. Thank you for sharing this resource as it is an excellent, unique source.


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