Book or Kindle?

Monday morning, Northern line, people are flipping their tablets. If you have no idea what they are actually holding on their hand, you may get quite confused by the way they are using it that is, yeah, Kindle.

To start this post, I want to ask you a question first.

Why you think Kindle could become significantly successful as the convergence of printing books and new technology products?

I think the answer of this question is not just because Kindle occurred as the pioneer of such idea to combine the printing book and electric devices. The lessons from the Kindle’s success in New York Times has stated:

“you can’t underestimate the miracle that happens when you make something really easy for people. Easy means fast, better than the old way and with very few annoying disappointments and delays.”

The implication of Kindle is arguable as it encourages public reading habit, meanwhile, it threatens enormously the printing industry. Look at our life, can this controversy be imposed on other convergences?

Nowadays, we are surrounded by various forms of convergence. It cannot be denied that the emergence of this phenomenon reflects the social improvement. Smartphone, Play station,   the website  and application of traditional paper media as well as Kindle provide crucial convenience covered any part of our life.

However, problems are raised by the inevitable trend that people tend to vitally rely on these new components, therefore traditional industries such as printing book and paper media are facing considerable risks of being abandoned by the decrease on market demand.

Today, we are sorry to see the closures of Independent.  While the press industry is striving, we as the audience and consumer need to consider our choice simultaneously. Don’t call some one who is reading a printing book on the train old school; don’t get brain washed by those attractive advertisement presented by your favorite actor. As we have become the dominant determiner, how do we make the most appropriate decision for the next step?


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  1. I enjoyed your post. The whole point of any kind of convergence is, indeed, simplifying. The success of kindle, which allows to carry a thousand books in a small, practical device as well as the iphone, which merges dozens of tools in a phone, is the essence of this phenomenon. The changes we are going through will inevitably modify the approach to the media industry; the question now is how far we will push technology in order to excuse our laziness. And, will we regret it?


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