A New Way To Pay

Examples of convergence are all around us for sure: from the basics, such as online newspapers, to the more contemporary new creations as Smart TV sets. Yet the most interesting, and, probably, exciting to me, is Apple Pay.

‘’Whoa, did he just pay with his watch?!’’ – I overheard in a shop recently. Yes, the man actually did pay with his Smart Watch. And yes, that is exciting.

And we thought that the debit card and electronic banking was ‘’cool enough’’. The service allows you to upload your card details to an online wallet, and pay at contactless points of sale equipped with NFC (near field communication) technology, with just the touch of your finger.

Not an Apple fan? Do not worry. In 2015, Samsung announced its new service ‘Samsung Pay’, and Google released ‘Android pay’. These mobile wallets are really catching on! (Read more about it here and here)

The thought of money going completely electronic seemed surreal not so long ago. Now it seems to be coming true.

However, there are implications.

The first one, which bothers me, an owner of a super-old iPhone 5, is the fact that Apple Pay is supported by models starting with iPhone 6 onwards. Older models do not have NFC technology and fingerprint scanners. Therefore, users need to be up-to-date with their technology.

What is more, the data protection was a major issue of concern for users since the release of the service. But Apple pulled that off flawlessly by introducing  of the sensitive card data, so no details are transferred at the point of sale, ensuring security of payments.

Do you personally use Apple Pay? If so, would you be more likely to visit a retailer who supports Apple Pay as a payment option? Let me know! It will be interesting to hear your thoughts on this!




  1. As an owner of an iPhone 5 myself, I am unable to use Apple Pay just yet. But I do think it is a great invention. Of course, like many others, I am concerned about the security of the transaction, however do trust Apple enough with my card details when it comes to using the app store, so why stop there? Apple, to me, is all about the user experience. Apple Pay is just that – it allows the user to be able to make transactions so quickly, permitting the customer to get on with their day. It is so convenient and efficient. Although to your last question, I probably would not choose to use a store simply because they have Apple Pay available. It would simply speed things up in the store I was already in.


  2. I have gone back and forth on the idea of using Apple pay. I think it’s sounds super convenient and easy to be able to pay with my phone – I’m that person that literally always has their phone with them. Even contactless cards here seem super quick and easy. I’m hesitant to use Apple pay because of security issues as well. I had my debit card information stolen TWICE in three weeks, so I’m all about that security. I know Apple says our information is safe, but you never know what can happen. What if I lost my phone, what would happen to my information then? I will probably stay a generation behind and not use Apple pay, though the concept of it is so exciting.

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