Virtual Reality

I mentioned virtual reality very briefly in my first post about journalism and new media. Within the world of journalism, virtual reality can open the door to a whole new way of informative news sharing and captivating storytelling. It allows users to experience news and stories in a completely new way; it transports us to a new place and can change the way we consume information. Even outside the world of journalism, virtual reality changes the way users experience movies, photos and stories. It doesn’t have to be informational news that is shared via this new media platform. It can transform any way that we consume information and digital media. Virtual reality is a very new concept, and I can imagine that we’re going to see quite a bit more of this new technology within 2016 and further in the future.

The great thing about virtual reality is that it combines several different media technologies in one. The basis of the viewing platform is a smart phone. There is a free downloadable app that hosts the videos and images that one can access anywhere they can use their phone. Then, one must put their phone within a viewing mechanism, like this, to properly view the content in the most real way possible. I’ll admit, they look kinda geeky.

This simple technology combines videos with our smart phones with this specific viewing technology. It is bridging the gap between 2D television viewing with the virtual reality platform right at our fingertips on our smart phones. We can access news, movies, sporting events, video games and so much more. Media companies are developing new kinds of content for this viewing platform. It is said that the technology is not yet advanced enough for mass distribution, but it’s definitely on the cusp of something huge.

Maybe is this is the turning point in digital technology, media and consumption. Maybe we’re about to enter a whole new world of digitality that will completely revolutionize the way we create and consume media. I myself have never used this technology, though the more I read about it the more curious I am. Especially in the information and news realm; I think this could be a huge step in the world of digital journalism and completely change the way we consume and share our news.

Have you ever used virtual reality? If so, what did you think of it? If you’re like me and haven’t used it, what are your thoughts on this new media platform?


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