When gaming consoles meet the internet

Video games have come a long way since Atari 2600 (1st generation). The Atari Video Computer System, one of the first video game consoles which was launched in 1976 (yes the one with the cartridges). My first video game console was the SEGA mega drive (2nd generation), which was similar to the Atari 2600, so I know the struggle of trying to get your cartridge to work by blowing air into it, which isn’t a problem anymore.


Video games kept developing alongside technology, higher image resolution and better graphics along new televisions and so on. However the example of convergence that I wanted to discuss is the convergence of video game consoles and the internet.

Video game consoles have been hugely affected by the internet, the internet first merged with the 6th generation of video games. – Xbox in 2005 and PlayStation3, Nintendo Wii in 2006 – This allowed the users of video game consoles to start using multiplayer which allowed them to compete against other players through the internet, and no longer had to invite their friends over to play.


However the 7th generation of video game consoles, (Current consoles like the Xbox one and the PlayStation4) have come so far from the first generation, and not only the fact that players compete through online multiplayer,  the game itself can be purchased in a software copy and stored in the clouds without a CD. Gaming consoles are actually becoming known as home entertainment systems. The Xbox one for example which currently uses the operating system Windows 10, implicates to users that they no longer need to have so many physical technological gadgets, you can use the Xbox one to play your multiplayer games, Skype your friends and family, watch Netflix, or even shop using TheMall app which even shows you how you look in the clothes you’re buying through the Kinect camera.



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