Convergence, a new form of communicating?

What is so significant about convergence?

Convergence has allowed outlets such as print, radio and television to be made accessible through the internet. With this in mind it could be argued that this may influence people to accept new forms of technology, an example being people who are not computer literate.

The advantages of these changes being made to technology is that it is now portable, easy to access and offers a variety of choice. Therefore this further benefits the media industry as they are able to utilise forms of advertising. “What we are now seeing is the hardware diverging while the content converges.“(Henry Jenkins, Culture Convergence) This quote supports why media convergence is changing social media for the better

However challenges in the industry relating to social platforms are that consumers are turning to this as a new form of communication rather than making a phone call or text. For example smartphones have become so versatile in what they offer, some offer apps, internet, GPS etc… sales in newspapers and games have actually decreased due to this.

Media convergence brings audience fragmentation as well as  financial and economical implications as not everyone can afford devices like smartphones and tablets. This also means the media companies have more power over society.






  1. You have done a really good post! I totally agree with your opinion that media has brought significantly advantages same as disadvantages. Some of your point of views I have actually also mentioned in my post that there is certain controversy of the development of convergence.

    However I did not quite understand your last argument. Even though nowadays not everyone can afford a smart phone or tablets, the influence still remains in the general environment. In my opinion, any content on social media is transferable by the connectivity of public.


  2. This is a great post and I really agree with what you’re saying! Especially about how convergence is impacting on certain old industries such as print newspapers. I find it disappointing that it looks likely that print journalism will soon die out (the Independent newspaper already has) and become purely online.

    I also agree with your point that media companies have a lot of power over society, and this is a concerning fact because it is unclear how much they will be able to control us in the near future, seeing as most of us can’t live without our phones for more than a day already!

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