Convergence in Marvel Studios

From sketches to comics and then to the big screen. Marvel Studios have created so many comic stories which have been bought by companies like Sony, 20th Centaury Fox etc, the set companies use convergence to generate income using what they know best making movies on the big screen. The best example that comes to mind is Sony with their versions of the Spider-man movies which they have rebooted recently and failed to get profit so they decided to ditch the actor they used and do another reboot with a new person. This is a prime example of companies using convergence as when they release DVD’s to us they can also come with the UltraViolet copy (majority of movies with this don’t actually work so its pointless) this allows us to watch the movie online anywhere and anytime.

There are loads more examples of convergence that involve Marvel Studios since they also produce their own movies now like Deadpool and they are now producing a new Captain America movie. When companies use this form of convergence it can apply to lots of people for example those who are into comics are one of the main demographics however people who are not that into them will most likely see its something new and exciting and will want to watch. Companies that make these movies also make lots of merchandise for us the consumer to purchase for our children or for our own personal use. The amount of advertising and merchandise that is produced for these movies can be considered as a form of convergence since the advertisement of the item helps advertise the movie as well as the DVD copy.




  1. It’s interesting to think that the walls between different platforms are now non-existant. Because of Hollywoods recent fascination with shared universe for their IPs, any film/TV/video game/book could be in the same universe. It’s an interesting of revitalizing a franchise or a concept.


  2. When I was a kid, I used to read marvel comic books, and had to use my imagination to make the characters movie. As I grew older, Marvel was purchased by film studios who made them into reality, and no longer had to use my imagination, as they made it into a film, with moving images which I find very fascinating. It has gone from a physical book to a blockbuster in the cinemas such as Deadpool which everyone is talking about at this moment. This is a great example of digital convergence and I really enjoyed reading your post.

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