Look to the clouds…

Once upon a time, human was limited to teeny tiny amounts of data they were aloud to keep on their computers. This was because of the USB. Portable and easy to use, yet never seemingly good enough to store all you need.

With what started out as a genius device to store 16MB of information, soon left the techno world hungry for more and so the data bytes upped and upped until, one day, the cloud appeared. A shiny, fluffy cloud that stores all your information into thin air. All you need is an email.

A device you can hold in your hands converges into something you cannot touch. This example of convergence is something I regard as important because everyone wants to cherish memories or keep their work notes and if there is no room for it, then where do you put it?

But there is always a villain in every story and those are the downsides to convergence. Elderly people who may wish to join the beautiful land of storage memory may find difficulty getting to grips with how to use something simple to use such as email. At least with a memory stick you simply drag and drop without signing in or remembering one of the 200 passwords we try to remember.

Internet is another issue. If it is down and your USB is stored away to gather dust in the deep abyss, you are done for. Forget your work. There’s only so much you can print before your allowance is gone.

Nevertheless, the kingdom of techno lives on and continues to converge and create weird (Internet hybrids- I still don’t get them) and wonderful things (Hello smart TV with built in camera- goodbye privacy). And devices we cannot live without (Smart phone great!- Battery life? Not so much fun).

The End 🙂




  1. Cloud storage is, in my opinion, one of the best and safest data storage systems, not only for people living their everyday lives and storing some photos and documents (even though that is equally as important). An example that comes to mind is nowadays businesses. As businesses rely more and more on technology and store important information and documents in electronic format, they need to have a ‘plan B’ in case technology fails and everything is lost. Therefore, cloud storages are of great importance to businesses, as they can offer data recovery in a situation of a crisis.
    One of the companies that offer online data backup is Databarracks (http://www.databarracks.com/): they offer disaster recovery and constant data backup.
    Cloud-based services like this, I believe, will be of growing importance to businesses, as technology takes over more and more workfields.


  2. I like how you looked at the storage devices we had in regards of the data capacity they had and how that developed as we started collecting more data, coming from all out tech gadgets. You’ve also mentioned something really important which is the downsides of cloud storage, like the internet going down and not allowing you to access that data, moreover another thing is cloud storage being limited which is making you slowly get rid of things you don’t really want to throw away, like memories or important pictures friends and family and many more things. (Great use of this week’s storytelling technique :p)

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