Netflix and Convergence

Today’s generation place a strong prominence on the ease and accessibility for all the latest technology and convergence makes this process possible.

Why go to HMV and buy a DVD, when you can just login to Netflix and have all movies, boxsets and TV shows at the touch of a button? The old media of DVDs has converged with the Internet to create an online DVD database.

All in the comfort of your own home and the luxury to watch it on whatever platform you desire, such as your smartphone, laptop and smart TV. Even the medium what you choose to watch on is too converging, allowing for the collective DVD experience to be possible on numerous forms of technology.

Since Netflix launched, the sales of DVDs around the world has rapidly decreased as Netflix is a more convenient and accessible data base, representing successful convergence. It is the biggest streaming website of all time and this is simply by creating a low-cost monthly plan that lets it’s customers view their desired shows.

If the trend of DVD sales carries on dramatically decreasing then all major DVD franchises will go out of business. And DVDs will quickly fall into the history books alongside the VHS and cassette tapes which with thanks to the convergence of such media like iPods and iTunes. So many people are uninterested in owning physical copies of movies etc. but why would they? It’s almost liberating to be access to choose from thousands of titles in the blink of an eye.




  1. I believe Netflix is a great example for the way that convergence of media is growing with the change of our own nature. As our society is now being defined by needs of fast and easy entertainment- Netflix is answering this term perfectly. Its convenience and easy use- has promised its success from the first place. However, as Netflix is limited, it is now also in a danger. the second growing feature of our society today, is clearly unlimitedness. Since the rise of Netflix, various outlets have adopted the idea, mostly illegally, but succeed to provide less limited content, which threaten the future of Netflix.


  2. i like the way you have used netflix as an example of convergence (not many people would think of it). i agree with your point of netflix being the sole reason for a decrease in the sales of DVD’s. however i feel like you could have looked for statistics to support this statement.


  3. It is so remarkable how we have come from having a massive DVD collection in our basement, to watching videos on demand from our bedroom, accessing it through our phone, laptop, TV, tablet, whatever. It surprises me how we no longer purchase discs and not only because one DVD would cost the same as a month of Netflix subscription, in which we can access everything, but also because of the convenience. We have everything available on demand, and people no longer go out to buy them. I do believe this technology will advance in the future and they will stop the making of DVD’s and will advance the technologies of video on demand and make all the titles available as they are quite limited at the moment. Eventually,I believe that films and TV shows will become available on demand shortly after release so people will not have to wait until it becomes available online. This way, the companies could make more profit, but what will this mean for the cinema and the DVD industry? Will they completely disappear with this ‘online network era’?


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