Pirates are back – Convergence

First of all, convergence is where something like a newspaper can now be read online or even watched through a video. More directly i’d like to talk about the music industry. Through the ages we’ve gone through listening to music on radios, vinyls, CD’s and now online platforms such as iTunes. A huge breakthrough was Steve Jobs creating iTunes which overtook the Sony Walkman.

“iTunes was a development of technology – hardware, software, and design – intricately intertwined with a changing user experience and a restyling of content” (Jose Van Dijck). This meant it was an easier more enjoyable customer experience as people no longer had to walk to the shops to get their latest music but could download from home. However due the internet evolving ever so rapidly, users began to stream music for free, therefore ripping off the hard work of artists and producers. Sites such as Limewire and Napsters were key players in this fraud like scheme.

Recently, due to falls in CD purchases and iTunes sales, artists are now loosing out on money, the music industry was so famous for. Artists are now forced to tour for long periods of time just to gain fame and of course the money. Van Morrison was, quoted “The bigger venues you have to do for financial reasons” through watching an interview you can see that his sales in CD’s and other materials has flopped and being forced to carry on gigging even at an old age. But hey he’s a rockstar right? More recently too Kanye West has refused to sell his work to iTunes stating “He will never sell his new album to iTunes, download on Tidal”.

Thankfully original vinyls and remakes are becoming more and more desirable, for that original sound, saving old school artists such as Van Morrison. Convergence has proved to be very useful making my life and everyone else’s easier but obviously everything has negatives.

This can also be seen with the film industry and pirate films.




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