Reality TV or Vlogs

Reality TV has been one of the most popular TV genres since the start of Big Brother. However, as the internet has developed and everything is more easily accessible. We now have a new term ‘vlogs’ which is like reality TV but on YouTube.

I have been subscribed to many YouTube vloggers, especially the ‘Shaytards‘ for almost 5 years. They are an American family, who film their daily lives every day and post it on YouTube. What I like about Vlogs is that you don’t have to watch them on time or even watch each one, whereas with ‘Big Brother’ you do or you miss the drama. And with reality TV its advertised everywhere, you have advertisements about it, and it can be very overpowering. But with a YouTube vlogger, they are personal to you as you know they aren’t overly known to the whole country or world, so it creates a little world of escapism.

I prefer YouTube vlogs as they seem realer, even though the videos are edited, they show real people who aren’t hugely rich or famous, so as a viewer you can relate to them. You also start feeling like your part of their lives. With the Shaytards, I have been watching their children grow and have seen their lives change by having more babies, moving cities and moving house. They are like my internet family; even though I have never met them ‘face to face’ I feel like I know them like my own family.

This convergence, of reality TV to Vlogs, has changed personal interaction tremendously. People who watch YouTubers, can comment and like or dislike their videos, tweet and share, post links about them. You can watch them on your mobile phone, laptop, computer and even TV.



  1. You make a very good point, Vlogs is a convergence of reality TV, internet, cameras (ranging from smart phones, compact cameras to DSLRs) and editing software. The way we watch them is from converged technology such as computers, internet and smart phones. I used to watch a lot of vloggers and I did feel like part of an internet family. The personal and DIY aspects of vloggers was very appealing. However now many vloggers feel completely constructed. Personally I think it’s a mix of becoming more aware of media construction, getting older and vloggers entering the mainstream- such getting book deals and going on tour etc… Consequently they stared to become distant and too ‘produced’, and honestly keeping up with daily vloggers was a real challenge.

    I still watch a lot of You Tube, however the only vloggers I watch consist of Fun For Louis (as his worldwide adventures are nothing like any other vlogger I can find), Carrie Fletcher and a few others occasionally.

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