Spotify and the Music Industry


Gone are the days of going down to a music shop and picking up a CD, we now live in the age of online streaming and the music industry has had to adapt. There are many different music streaming services available but the most popular and well-known is Spotify.

Spotify was launched in Sweden in 2006 and today counts more than 75 million users. I chose Spotify as an example of media convergence as it combines two already existing platforms, music and the internet. In an age where anybody can illegally download and stream music Spotify offers its users the ability to stream music legally while licensing a whole back-catalogue of artists.

Since 2009 users can pay for Spotify Premium to remove advertisements from appearing during songs. The money generated from the Premium version is then used to acquire more music for the already enormous collection of music and pay artists.






  1. Great example used, vinyl purchases are on the increase due to that retro aspect. I feel as though CD’s still have a presence especially with cars with only CD players in them! I also wonder if Apple music will take over Spotify and become the leading brand, seeming though it was revolutionary with iTunes.


  2. This is a great example of convergence, the majority of people I know now use Spotify to listen to their music, and very few people still listen to CD’s. I think sooner or later CD’s will finally die out as there are many different ways to listen to music online now such as Spotify and Apple music. Technology is expanding rapidly and I think this is such a good example of how it is changing.


  3. This is a really good example if not a little sad because I miss CDs very much! We have gone from hard copies to nothing at all so quickly I’m not sure many people can remember what’s in between. But spotify is very useful and saves you money in the long run because one subscription can get thousands of songs whereas a CD can only offer 20 songs at a time.


  4. Spotify and other music streaming services, like Deezer, Apple Music and Tidal have taken over the way we listen to music. This merging of music and apps like Spotify are now more popular than listening to CD’s. I don’t think CD’s will become completely obsolete: perhaps in a few decades they might become as popular as vinyl is now. But currently, the most popular way to listen to music is through streaming services.


  5. This is a good example of convergence. I personally like using Spotify Premium as it is simple and cheap, and the quality is much better than illegally streaming online. The one thing I am wondering about after reading this is whether physical music platforms like CDs will eventually die out completely? It has happened before as we don’t really use tapes or vinyls anymore, and the industry seems to be moving towards streaming content, with the likes of Apple Music and Tidal as well as Spotify becoming popular. It will definitely be interesting to see what the music industry is like in a few years!


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