Technological Convergence: Our smart phones


Technological convergence can be defined as ‘the process by which existing technologies merge into new forms that bring together different types of media and applications’. Our mobile phones are undeniable the best form of technology convergence there is, we live in an intensely mediated world therefore our mobile phones are included in our day to day living. Mobile phones have moved far beyond their beginnings as simple voice communication devices however in today’s generation  we are now able access online news and research but it is now possible to complete word documents and watch the latest movies (soon they’ll be less and less people going cinemas as there are in buying newspapers). Honestly how many of us can do we our mobile phones today, it is our map, our personal trainers, our diet planers, our organisers and even or personal banks; with the creation of online banking apps there’s really no need to make that long journey to the bank.

The advancement of the mobile phones are making traditional media platforms seem weak and useless as individuals no longer see the need to buy newspapers or wait a certain time to watch a specific programmes.

Technological convergence of smart ones has made it more convenient for us all, we have ability to access the internet wherever and whenever. To be very honest soon they’ll no such thing as newspapers, is only a matter of time before they become extinct. However a disadvantage to mobile phones is that due to all its advantages, it becomes very expensive and therefore now accessible to everyone.

To conclude I think it’s fair to say that our smart phones are undoubtedly the best form of technological convergence although the more advanced they get the more expensive they become therefore people tend to rely on the traditional forms of media e.g newspapers, television and radio.



  1. Mobile phones are definitely the most prominent example of convergence for our generation, it essentially brings together most of the technological breakthroughs from the past 50 years into one device that fits in your pocket.

    It’s also interesting to think we barely use our phones as phones anymore as there are simpler alternatives to calling somebody. With all the side features on a smartphone they’re more like pocket sized computers.

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  2. I really like you point of view!
    You have given me sort of impression as you are a pro-technical convergence. The thing you have described in this post is so bloody true! And to be honest, sometimes I got a bit scared by the current digital devices’ intelligence. Have you ever thought about that perhaps one day we will be replaced by those as well, or we will end up as a convergence??

    It is such a pity for me seeing those traditional heritages being merged with something artificial intellectual just in order to improve the speed of our daily life. If I could have the choice, I would rather stay with the absolute old school way, building up connection with others though my real action instead of the massive emojis behind the screen.

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