Technological convergence: from calling to everything

The world has been through many transformations along the years, be it technological, economical, cultural or social, but in my opinion, the technological convergence has been the one to affect the world and people’s lives the most.

First, think about the evolution of the TV, from black and white to 3D images right in your living room, from octagon to smart TV which by the way is the gadget which best illustrates the technological convergence between computers and television.


Furthermore, we all know and use the famous smart phone, but not many of us know its past and how we came to use it. The very first mobile phone was invented in 1973 (you can read more about it here) and its name was “Motorola 8900X-2”, quite complex compared to “Iphone 6”, isn’t it? 


Not many of us were born before 1990s and we can only know about the old style ‘brick cell phone’ from the pictures, but I’m sure you all remember Nokia 1100 or Motorola V3 with the catchy song Hello, Moto and if not here they are..


In the past, you could use the phone to just call someone whereas these days a phone is more like a computer that fits in your pocket. Now we live in an era when you can connect to the internet wherever you are, either using wireless connection or mobile data, listen to music without carrying your walkman (does anyone even use those anymore?) or take high-quality pictures even if you forgot your camera, and all these only by using a phone, which these days it’s almost impossible to leave your house without.  


Have you ever got lost in a big city the first time you went there? Of course many of us did, it’s inevitable. But these days smartphones come with voice guided navigation which makes it kind of fun to get lost and also, you can save money on buying a map or a GPS device. Moreover, a busy person with no time to watch TV can still keep up with what’s going on in the world as now you can download any news app on your phone. Last but not least, let’s not forget about the note app, which saves you from carrying a notebook around and can be useful for any idea that comes to your mind or even for writing your grocery list.

I think during these past years technology has massively changed and once with it so did people’s lives. So, don’t you think that even though for some these smart phones or smart TVs might seem complicated and difficult to use, in one way or another, they make our life easier?



  1. Probably the example of direct individual communication- firstly appears through the convergence of phones. The accessibility, globality and the speed that kept developing in the mobile phone in the last two decades- really represent the major change of our form of communication in general. As an international student, I couldn’t imagine a situation where we wouldn’t have the Whatsapp calls and that we would literally have to pay for those calls. Answering your question- the developing process of smartphones is indeed difficult for generations that received it in quite late ages. however, in general, we can see a clear advantage in the way it makes today our life much easier.

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  2. You’ve covered the transition and advancement of mobile phones really well, I like the example you used of computer and televisions.
    To answer your question, I believe they do make our lives easier however, too easy. For the previous generation for example it’s hard and complicated, for us it’s simple and reliable and we do depend on it, but how much will the next generation depend on it ? maybe inseparable.

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