The Development of Generation C and Social Media Convergence

During this day and age social media is one of the biggest media convergences. Social media like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and Etc. use mobile phones to help individual express and share their perspectives on different issues. Social Media users are now stepping out of the majorities shadow by expressing their beliefs over social media. Social makes discussions not as confrontational as it would be face to face. As individuals speak out, they become more invested in a platform and create their own identity. By putting a lot of involvement into their profile and the constant communication within their community makes them more relevant. The individuals that invest the most time into social media this day and age are young adults. This convergence of technology and social media created Generation C. while reading the article “The Rise of Generation C” by Roman Friedrich. Michael Peterson and Alex Koster they explain that this generation was born after 1990. This generation means that we are tech savvy and we automatically turn to the internet or social media for basically anything. Some characteristic that I got from this article is, we all involve different circumstance and we combine them. We are able to make communities that share our beliefs. Like I said before we can be in control of our lives by controlling what others see. Also, we strive to work in creative fields and not succumb to social ways. Since we have great access to different resources this gives us power to control the development of the future technologies and companies. This changed the consumers roll of being a witness to being a key part in future technologies and the way society is viewed. On the other hand, producers benefit from social media because it is more cost efficient, more effective, and using big platforms to reach a bigger audience. This also gives a small business a chance to build their brand and become successful.

The Rise in Generation C article


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