The sad side of Media Convergence. The suffered change of The Independent.

The blog post of this week is about media convergence. A colleague of mine wisely argued of how this broad term can fall in cliches, if analyzed in depth. We all know what and where media convergence has led to, more or less. ‘Internet’ is the key word, and all the devices and tools related to it. Yesterday, on The Guardian, there was a beautifully written feature about the ceasing of the print version of The Independent. From the 26th of March the newspaper will be available online only.

The Independent started 30 years ago, with uncertain chances of success. Against every unlucky prevision, it took its place between the most respectable British newspapers in terms of quality of Journalism. Straightforward, almost apolitical, led by a small team of talented professionals. A few decades later, the print version cannot afford to be released anymore. Archie Bland, with his brilliant style, in his article on The Guardian wrote: “When I think of the impertinent faith that such an enterprise required, and the many hundreds of journalists who took up its mantle, and of the vital liberal voice that has been diminished, I feel terribly sad. That’s not to say that the decline of print isn’t inevitable,  or that an era of online journalism isn’t thrilling in its own way. But you can love something that you know is bound to expire; maybe it makes you love it more.”

We can distinguish three main areas where media convergence is manifested: technological, economic, cultural. In Bland’s article there are all of them, the cause and the effect of this transition.



  1. I really like this post because it shows what’s happening to such an old traditional form of communication. Newspapers are very important and to converge such a loved company and throw them online is such a shame. A bit like with BBC Three. It’s really good that you posted this because people should know the downsides that can affect them in the long run.


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