It indeed gets better


Given the participatory culture of social media the ‘It Gets Better’ campaign, which is majorly driven by its video material on youtube, has been significantly shaped by its participants. The pro LGBTQ+ campaign invites individuals to feature and share their personal stories concerning their own coming out history, spreading hope and change for those who struggle with their sexual identity and orientation.

With each new individual story the online movement generates more viewers based on the ‘shared media’ model and encourages
others to participate through the empowering message. 
Additionally, the concept of sharing various and diverse personal stories have a significant effect on those the campaign seeks to help, as it showcases that indeed , “you are not alone and it gets better” , based on real stories from real people.

As the organisation behind ‘It Gets Better’ merely outlined the idea and concept behind the campaign, it is the audience who gave the campaign the character and power it has achieved through the increasing number of videos. The narrative which has evolved through the campaign has an open end and encourages the audience to create their very own ending. The only real ‘end’ of the campaign would mean the achievement of complete equality in society.

Let me know if any of you have participated in this campaign …


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