Play? NO, better watch it!

I know a lot of you do play video game at home as entertainment and substitute of stressful studying, same as me. What did you normally do, when you can’t pass the certain level, no matter how many times you tried?  We would go check other gigs’ playing video and learn the trick from it!

Since when, the Esports video has become significantly popular as it could already be seen as another diverse branch from video game itself. Here I want to give the example of one of the most sensational video games in the world-League of legend.

League of Legends has an active and widespread competitive scene, more than millions of viewer watch it online each year. In 2015, above 10,000 Australian esport fans attend League of Legends grand final for the Oceanic Pro League at Luna Park in Sydney. In contrast to any other forms of online participation, video game tends to be expected more reasonably for getting more connection with its audience based on its engaging principle.

However, the vital success and attraction of LOL’s champion series cannot be explained in common sense due to the considerable audience participation which has framed this formal online video game with a pop-cultural youth worship. Apart from the massive profit, the watchable live competition of LOL has been shaped by the fans’ extreme enthusiasm, even players have been chased as idol. In some degree, it could be summarized as social value has been imposed by the gradually up-going tendency, which in my opinion is just the perfect reflection of the influence of audience participation that it could be able to establish something not existed before, also reinforce something already existed.

What do you think? Would you agree with me?


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