When social networks make a billionaire. The curious case of ‘The Blonde Salad’.

Chiara Ferragni was barely 22 years old when she started her blog in 2009. ‘The Blonde Salad’: a mix, indeed, of fashion, food, lifestyle.


At the time, Chiara Ferragni was studying law in Milan. In an interview she said she started “just to share”. She had no idea, then, that ‘sharing’ would become the key word in any social media and marketing environment. The web giants like Facebook and Twitter were shyly starting to collect subscribers. Internet was still a joke, although we are talking about 7 years ago. The blogging world was an unexplored wonderland. Ferragni picked a daily oufit, her photographer boyfriend and walked around Milan in her blonde expressions. Her initial network of contacts helped to get her started. But in just a couple of years the blog started gaining thousands of followers; and with them, visibility.

Today, The Blonde Salad is a 1o million Business. Chiara Ferragni never took the law degree. She attends the most important fashion shows and collaborates with names such as Dior and Calvin Klein, among the many others. She appeared in magazines’ covers like VOGUE and ELLE. Basically, her entire career revolves around her followers.

In 2015 she became the first blogger ever considered as a business case at Harvard.

The audience participation, in her reality, represents her whole life.

Who would Chiara Ferragni be without her loyal followers?




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