Audience Participation Saves 28 Lives

In 2012, The British Heart Foundation created a Hands – only CPR campaign and made an advert which became popular over mainstream media. The face of the advert was Vinnie Jones, who is an English actor and ex-football player; he became a huge success after the advertisement as he gained public appeal but mostly because he saved 28 lives in the UK. In the advert (which I recommend you to watch now) shows him doing CPR on someone who is having a heart attack. The campaign raised awareness by using humour and comical themes and styles, making it a very unique and memorable ad on YouTube and TV.

Another advert  ‘Mini Vinnie’  part of the campaign was targeted to a younger audience, this advert uses the exact same narrative but different actors to suit the target audience.

The hashtag #hardandfast was viral on Twitter, participating audiences to share the video and also create a community of people sharing their stories of saving someone who was having a heart attack by doing CPR which was shown in the advert.

The audience participation in this advert was a success, as it saved 28 lives; what could be more amazing than that?


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