Millennial Season 2

So I’m back again with another podcast post. The podcast series “Millennial” just launched its second season. The show is an autobiographical journey about navigating your 20s in real time. The show’s host and creator, Megan Tan, wants to be a radio journalist. The first season explores a variety of topics such as money, difficult dream internships vs. mediocre job, love, and many more topics. My favorite is that she discusses the difficulties of producing a podcast in her spare time – she talks about the recording process, editing, content and doing this all on a schedule. As a fun fact, she records from inside her closet to get as close to a professional audio quality that she can get from her recording equipment.

Spoiler alert: at the end of season one, she gets a job at a radio station. So, does that mean the show is over? That’s where season two comes in, obviously. Megan took an editorial leap and decided to work with listeners, other millennials struggling to achieve their dreams, and make the stories about them. Listeners have been sharing their stories with Megan and working with her on producing these episodes. Now we get to hear stories from people all over the country. What’s really cool is that the most recent episode was about a relationship between two girls from different countries that met online 10 years ago. They just got married.

This is a great example of audience participation. The audience literally gets to help direct the content and steer the direction of the show. Another great aspect of this second season is that the stories don’t have specific narratives – they can literally be about anything. It totally changes the way that we think of storytelling and audience participation within podcasting. It might even inspire listeners to create their own podcasts and share their own stories on their own platform.

I highly recommend listening to season one because I feel we can ALL sympathize with Megan and see our lives in the same way. It’s a wonderful, honest and personal look at the struggles of post-grad life. Season two is just as awesome, we just get to hear more stories.


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  1. To be honest, I’m not the person who would listen to podcasts, they are still new to me. Yet after reading several of your posts, I got inspired to try it out.
    The ”Millennial”, as you described it, sounds inspiring and extremely relevant, as currently I myself struggle with the same issues.
    Following your dreams, fighting hard for your dream job… It all sounds too familiar.
    But what really caught my interest is the participatory factor, and the stories that we hear on this podcast.
    The story about the girls who just got married is just so inspiring and fascinating!
    Indeed, podcasts which allow contribution of the audience might change the way we see storytelling and stories in the media. Nowadays, everyone has a chance to tell their own story, and the story is most likely to be heard.
    And now, I’m off to listen to the first season of ”Millennial”. 🙂

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