Question and Answer


Few days ago, I was sitting in front of my computer trying to figure out what this week’s blog post should be about. I could not find my inspiration, I could not focus because of my boisterous cousin who was watching his game vloggers on YouTube. And then it hit me… I watch YouTube vloggers too so I know pretty much how these work, why not discuss it?

There are different types of channels on YouTube. Some are educational, others are creative and some are just fun. But there is one thing that almost all of them have in common.. “Q&A” videos.

What is a Q&A video? By definition, Q&A translates as ‘Question & Answer’. On YouTube, it is a video in which a vlogger answers questions asked by the audience either on their personal Twitter account or in the comments section of a previous video. There are sessions of live Q&A that can be found on YouTube like this, but filmed by less outstanding vloggers. However, there are videos like one of Zoella’s many Q&A’s or The Dolan Twins that have more views and are more popular among their audience.


These types of videos allow the audience to interact with their favourite vloggers. Although there are so many people asking questions that you have to be lucky for yours to be chosen, for some it is worth trying.

It seems to me that the numbers of bloggers and vloggers are continuously raising, that nowadays everyone would like to be a successful one.

So would you like to be an acknowledged vlogger and deal with the challenges that this comes with? Would you like to answer questions from your audience? Or do any of you already do this?



  1. I believe that Youtube has become as successful as it is only because of its audience. Today, it is much more than a music platform, but allow also direct communication and self-expression. Personally, I am not a big fan of the Youtube blogs, but I believe it is fulfilling the need of being part of, of communication, and of watching into other’s life. Same as reality shows. The danger is the lack of responsible character on the content. While it is amazing to see how the audience chooses its heroes- we also don’t have much of control on the content, on the ages of the audience and the message that those heroes convey.

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  2. Q&A is an effective format for YouTubers to use as it directly links themselves to their audience. This interaction makes the audience feel as if they have some power over the content after being acknowledged. A You Tube Q&A opens a window to the YouTubers personality and personal life, which is another way the viewers feel closer to the channel. I’ve personally haven’t watched any Q&A’s for a long time as I have stopped watching most vloggers that I used to watch. But nonetheless the format is popular and successful in the You Tube community, which is shaped significantly by its audience.

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