Share a Coke

One of the most recent and most widespread, as well as successful campaign examples is the Coca Cola’s Share a Coke campaign.

During the summers of 2013 and 2014, Coca Cola changed its labels: the logo was replaced by the most common British names. Yet this was only the beginning of the campaign.

What followed next was the most important: consumers could personalise their own drink bottles/cans, and then were asked to share the bottle or the can with their name on Twitter, or any other social platform.

First launched in Australia, the campaign spread to more than 70 countries! And, in terms of sales, the summer of 2013 was the most successful summer ever for the company in Australia.

Part of the campaign’s success in my opinion can be accounted to the emotional appeal. Finding anything with your name on it makes you feel special and valued. What is more, the campaign applied the approach of sharing a coke, instead of just keeping it to yourself, and that might have had an impact on sales: people bought personalised bottles and cans for their family members, loved ones, long-lost friends, etc.

One guy from Scotland even proposed to his girlfriend with personalised coke bottles. This proposal went viral for obvious reasons, and the couple got well wishes from all around the world.

This campaign, in my opinion, is genius in its simplicity. A name instead of the company’s logo on a drink bottle makes it emotional and personal.

The participation of the audience is what made this campaign what it was. I believe it is phenomenal, and I think we all had a personal experience via this campaign, no matter where we come from.

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  1. I think this was such a successful campaign as Coke personalised their bottles especially for their audiences. It allowed their consumers to have an emotional appeal like you said in your post. And because this campaign took places in many different countries it allowed many people around the wold feel connected and like they were a part of something. Great blog post!

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  2. I think this campaign was definitely successful due to audiences being able to participate. It was new and exciting and therefore audiences were talking about it and spreading the campaign, whether that be through word-of-mouth or social media. Some of the television adverts also sold a lifestyle where audiences could imagine themselves as part of it. The personalised aspect does what it says; makes it more personal and therefore audiences are more likely to engage with it.

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  3. I think this campaign was a great way to get consumers involved. It’s always fun to find your name on something, and in reference to your example of a wedding proposal, to get creative with what you can do with these personalized bottles. I’ve never found my name on a bottle and I can admit to searching one too many times. If I ever find my name you can bet that I will buy it! I also think this campaign was successful because it gives consumers a reason to feel a part of something; if they can see themselves within the lifestyle of a product, I think they’re more likely to purchase said product.

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